Common Mistakes in Web Hosting Purchase

To err is human, so making mistakes is evident while doing something for the first time. However, not all mistakes are acceptable and some are too costly to compensate. For example, making mistakes while purchasing a new web hosting subscription is one such mistake that can make your website business miserable for a long period of time and cost a lot of money; yet generate not much satisfactory revenue. In order to avoid such unwanted mistakes, it’s vital to have the knowledge beforehand. Both technical and business related issues have to borne in mind.

Web Hosting

Looking for the highest Ranking Web Hosts

Unfortunately, everything seen on the internet can barely be believed. The internet is full of ‘top’ stuffs, articles and blogs vouching for a particular group of companies who claim those to be the best in the industry. There are interesting offers, most like delicacies that you might even slurp over. But not everything is as delicious as they appear in the photographs, neither is these web hosting companies. If you start searching for a top web host in the search engines and go with the flow, most likely you are going to end up with disheartened. Instead, make a shortlist of your own, go through each of their official websites instead of some affiliate marketers’ sites and pick your own perfect plan.

Inexpensive and Unlimited Web Hosts

There is no free lunch – that’s just not a mere theory in economics. Instead, it’s more of a reality. Paying only a few bucks each month, most likely even less than $10 can’t technically bring you unlimited free hosting. There will be a money making factor for the web hosting company one way or another, but the portion you get is lot less than theirs. No unlimited storage is actually unlimited; no unlimited bandwidth is ever unlimited either. Any human made hardware setup has own limits which can’t be pushed off! Most unlimited bandwidth offers are bound to FUPs so look carefully.

Priority for Price over Anything

Costing is important, but not over quality. Inexpensive packages look impressive in bare eyes, but deep down the quality is highly compromised. A lower priced plan will cut cost on the startup, and cut an even bigger amount of your revenue. On the other hand, most costly companies appear mean with their plans in the beginning but their returns are just too generous.

Not Going Through the Terms of Service

Admit it, you haven’t ever gone through any Terms of Service agreements that came with software or other IT related stuff. Most people just agree to a bunch of documents without even knowing what’s in them. Chances are, the inexpensive hosting plans you have purchased have mentioned all their drawbacks in their ToS paper and you haven’t read them, yet agreed to them. This implies – you can’t even sue those companies for your loss because you agreed to everything in the first place.

Longer Time Subscriptions

In the virtual world, withdrawing an agreement is easy. There’s no reason to sign up with a web hosting company for a whole year without even knowing their service and strategies. Instead, go for a plan that’s designed for starters with a cash refund offer. If things go right, upgrade to a full plan and if not, ditch the provider – it’s that simple.


Above mentioned are the most common types of mistakes made while choosing a web hosting service for the first time. Learning through mistakes is good though, but we wanted you to save you some money.

HostGator Vs. Bluehost: Which Should be Your Choice?

Nowadays, we have been seeing many upcoming bloggers and internet marketers, roaming around Facebook groups, asking about the cheapest web hosting available, even after knowing that the choice may gift some serious issues to their blog or website. If you are not such a fool, we hope that you give optimum concentration while choosing the web hosting service for you. The best option you can choose is approaching your friends, having at least mediocre experience in using web servers from various providers and hence able to do a comparison. Nevertheless, we can guess two of prominent answers you could get – HostGator and Bluehost.

As you might know, both of these ventures have a strong history of powering world wide web via their powerful and sustainable web servers, which also brings up an exceptionally strong list of clients, including your popular websites. However, as an upcoming blogger or web developer, having less knowledge about these hosting related activities, you will definitely face a word of doubt, to choose service from this 2-member list. Here, we would solve that question by analyzing and comparing both of these services in a truly neutral manner. We will start from having a brief glance at both of these companies.

HostGator and Bluehost

HostGator is a web hosting provider, founded in 2002, having many clients around the globe. Albeit the venture provides various services such VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server, Reseller Hosting etc, the company is well known for its shared hosting service, which is suitable for newbies, indeed! In these 11 years, HostGator has satisfied many customers, from various backgrounds of requirement and financial support. We have no doubt in saying that HostGator is one of the prominent web hosting providers you can find on web.

Just as the formerly mentioned venture, Bluehost also have a strong background of various clients as well as reliability. This venture has its journey back in 1996. In these years, Bluehost have been enlightening our web by means of their seamless server performance and reliability. Resembling HostGator, Bluehost is also providing various hosting services along with shared hosting.

In the case of reliability and the previous record of company, HostGator and Bluehost creates typical tie, as both of solutions have strong previous record. Now, we will have a look onto various aspects of your web hosting account and related stuff. Click here for best HostGator discount coupons.

Hosting Control Panel and Usability

Because of its need to satisfy all kinds of customers, having different levels of expertise on managing servers, a hosting company should have a truly intuitive and easily understandable Control Panel, in which you can manage your website and associated services. Both HostGator and Bluehost make use of cPanel for powering their hosting control panel, though it may seem entirely antagonistic at the very first glance.

HostGator uses a visually complex control panel for managing your website. Instead of bringing the usual features of cPanel, the company has included some additional features, aiming the seamless monitoring of your website along with appropriate integrations of associative services. In addition, you can observe features such as QuickInstall scripts, easy site management widgets etc. Still, using this dashboard for 2-3 times will wipe out the complexness in the dashboard.

On the other hand, in the case of Bluehost, they are using the simplest version of cPanel, which may seem ultra-simple for some of you. However, the dashboard brings the in-build features of cPanel and no noticeable additions are present. Even though the dashboard is visually impressive, Bluehost cPanel is something less productive, when compared to that of HostGator.

Hence, we would have to support HostGator control panel partially, as it can simply offer you a brief glance on your website and its performance, by neglecting the complexity at first look.


Affordability is one of the main factors, forcing customers to purchase web hosting. Like the above factor, HostGator has more to offer, as the service has different pricing plans whereas the other one has single plan. Nevertheless, both services provide satisfying features such as unlimited bandwidth, disk space etc. Therefore, in this section, we have to support HostGator, even though the base plan of HostGator may seem expensive, as choices always make sense. Checkout this website for HostGator coupons.

Customer Support Section

No one is perfect in this world! Applying this fact to you, you might face some problems due to the unawareness of knowledge during the use of hosting account or web server management. Here, you can make use of customer support section, offered by both of hosting providers.

A HostGator web hosting solution provides you a nice customer support section, which has helped the company in getting popular. In HostGator, you can use two options, for getting non-technical and technical support such as live chat and phone based features. Along with these effective ways, HostGator has included easy-to-understand tutorials in their websites, in a simple systematic way.

When it comes to Bluehost, they also have live chat and phone based customer support but it lacks a good set of tutorials, when compared to HostGator. Instead, they just maintain a forum, where users can ask their doubt to experts.

Hence, when there is a word of comparison, we will have to support HostGator, as far as customer support is something precious.


Recalling what we said above, we can simply add that HostGator is the best choice when compared to Bluehost as it has various hosting plans, good customer support as well as highly productive and intuitive hosting control panel.

Best 10 Cloud Storage Services

Cloud storages are getting highly popular. They are commonly available in all regions across the world, there are higher storage options for free and even higher for a cheap price , the storage drives are accessible from anywhere, they are secured and very reliable. All these reasons are making cloud storages more preferable to internet users these days. Though it requires a decent broadband internet connection to use these cloud storage services, yet the popularity is on the rise. The number of providers is pretty high, we have sorted out 10 known to be the best cloud storage providers.

Cloud Storage


No wonder, Dropbox has set a trend in cloud storage service. Signing up for their service is pretty easy and initially, Dropbox offers 2 GB of storage for free. A user can refer other people to join Dropbox and earn 16 GB of storage space maximum for free. There are payment options for 50 GB of storage.

Google Drive

The cloud storage provided by Google is pretty much widespread, thanks to their Android smartphones. Almost every Android smartphone user is entitled to using a Google Drive space using their Google ID. The free offered space is 15 GB. Google lets their services like mail, maps Google Plus etc. integrate with Drive and also work on Office, Spreadsheet and PowerPoint files as well.


For the business people, there’s box. Free initial storage is 10 GB; later on it can be upgraded. However, for personal accounts the each file can be 250 MB maximum. This barrier marks Box unfit for home users who would prefer using a cloud storage space for free.


Mega is a sister concern of the popular file sharing website Their file sharing website service was shut down due to few legal issues; therefore the company started Mega in order to thriving existence. Mega offers a pretty good deal, 50 GB free storage for all its clients.


This cloud storage service is a concern by Barracuda Networks, which offers its users with 15 GB of initial data storage capability. The referral reward is enormous though, 5 GB per referral. You can make the data limit touch the sky, since there’s no highest limits.


Even for the personal free accounts, the ADrive storage offering is 50 GB. However, the paid version allows the users to upload bigger files, as big as 16 GB at once. For the free subscribers, tad bit annoying ads will pop up on the Android app.


People concerned with data privacy may try Bitcasa cloud storage drive. All the data are encrypted during upload and decrypted while opening them – only the subscriber can view those files though. 20 GB is the storage limit for free accounts. For security purpose, viewing of the encrypted data is allowed on 3 devices max.

One Drive

Microsoft’s SkyDrive has been recently rebranded into One Drive. Using the account requires a Microsoft account. One Drive integrates well into Windows operating system for computers and Windows Phones, a big plus for people using these devices. Initial storage is 15 GB for free, later on 5 GB for referring friends and 3 GB more for enabling photo backup feature.


For the privacy conscious people out there, this is another encrypted cloud storage service. The data storage capacity is only 2 GB, which is a massive pull down. On the brighter side, users may choose SpiderOak only to store highly classified data.


The Chinese have own version of everything, even cloud storage service. The astonishing part is, this Chinese cloud storage provider allocated 10 TB of data for each user. 10240 GB of data for each user and that too for free.


Most of the cloud storages mentioned here have their smartphone apps as well, enabling the users to have access to their data from any platform. Cloud storages indeed make data access way easier than ever!

Pros and Cons of Managed and Unmanaged WordPress Hosting

It has become a very common phenomenon when a normal blog started for fun developed into a big online community attracting a lot of visitors. This sudden increase in traffic requires a lot of disk space as well as requires outgrowing the dedicated server as well as its hosting package which is required to handle such load. It is very easy to take care of a small blog or website but in case your website turns out into a big success, they you would require a dedicated web hosting service. But the main question that arises at this point is whether you should go for managed web hosting service or unmanaged web hosting service.


In order to clear out this doubt we have brought to you the pros as well as the cons of both managed and unmanaged web hosting services which is going to give you a clear idea which service you require to manage your bog or site easily. If you want to know more about Bluehost read Bluehost reviews on

Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting is simple taking care of each and everthing in your website related to WordPress. It is not a very easy task as it implies a lot of effort in keeping the site or blog updated every time. The plug-in, themes, links etc. are the things that are needed to be taken care of, which are beautifully done by managed Hosting services.


  • You website or blog remain up to date.
  • Speed Optimization is very important for a successful website. More number of visitors slows down the website. So the managed web hosting service takes care that you blog or site is never slow in speed.
  • Backup is very important which is well maintained by Managed services in case any unfortunate occur with your site.
  • Support and security are two major factors that are well managed by the Managed hosting services by keeping your data protected from hackers and providing customer support at any time.


  • Price or cost of the plan that you want to take of these services is mostly very high. This is one of the biggest cons so managed web hosting websites.
  • When you hand over your website to the managed hosting services, you lose most of your control over your website which is transferred on to the managing service.

Unmanaged Web Hosting Services

In unmanaged hosting the user need to create his own team which is capable of managing the website or blog. Along with the team he also needs to buy and manage the servers on his own. Also one needs to deal with all the types of issues that comes associated with them. But this does not mean that unmanaged Webhosting service comes with only cons. There are few plus points also that we would like to discuss.


  • Unmanaged hosting services give you complete control over your site.
  • It is much cheaper than managed web hosting services.
  • You have the sole access to you data and complete freedom to alter it according to your wish.


  • It wastes a lot of your time.
  • You have to create an extra backup of all your data.
  • It requires a lot of expertise to manage all the functions on your own.
  • You do not have the reliable service to ask for help in case something goes wrong.

So these were the pros and cons of Managed and Unmanaged web hosting service which may help out a bit to clear out the basic doubts that most of the users have while choosing whether to chose managed or unmanaged web hosting service. You can get huge discount on Bluehost hosting, use Bluehost coupons 2014 for any hosting plans like Shared hosting, VPS or Pro also. You will get maximum Discount.

HostGator Coupon and Review of HostGator

We are talking about hostgator coupon, which is like a two-faced coin of profit. On one side, these coupons would help bloggers while they are purchasing web hosting services. On the other side, these coupons will help bloggers as well as internet marketers a specific amount of commission when a user purchases the service using their coupon. There are different kinds of HostGator coupons available for shared using. For instance, if you can apply one coupon during the purchase of the service, it will give you notable discount on the order, which is a big deal for newbies in the blogging world.

Due to the relatively higher price of internet hosting service, we cannot simply choose some cheap or free hosting, as the wrong choice could entirely ditch your blog. Among the list of thousands of web hosting providers, one of the best choices is HostGator, which is a renowned player in the web hosting industry. The mentioned venture has the powerful list of famous clients, which is of course a sign of exceptional quality of their service as well as servers. Even though Hostgator is your all-in-one place for all web-hosting needs, the company is relatively popular for its shared hosting service, the favourite of upcoming bloggers. In addition to their quality, HostGator has an awesome feature to help the upcoming bloggers from spending too much for buying a hosting service.

hostgator coupon

In some situations, HostGator used to release special kinds of HostGator coupons so that you can get even 75% OFF the order. This is quite attractive because a blogger can use the money for other requirements such as social media marketing, other kinds of SEO etc. This also means that the use of coupon could help you in uplifting the entire blog, as a blog requires an economy mixture of components to hit the path of success. Here, in order to help you all, we have found some truly effective HostGator coupons:, which would definitely help you in available notable amount of discount on your hosting account order.